PLC through our “National Partners and Affiliates”, are able to support our clients, respective needs for “Loss Consulting Recovery Services” throughout the nation.

As a result PLC has been able to consistently deliver our valued client, their “Maximum Insurance Recovery”, for all facets of “Covered Loss”, under their respective “Insurance Policies”, as same relates to their respective Coverage(s):

  • Building Loss (Building and Structures and their respective Building Components)
  • Business Personal Property Loss (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, including Stock)
  • Business Income Loss (Net Income Loss, Plus Continual Normal Expense Loss, Including Payroll (if applicable), plus Extra Expense (if applicable)

In addition to “Maximizing Your Insurance Recovery”, we also under engagement are instrumental in “Expediting the Claim Settlement Process”.

The above representing our two “Primary Objective(s)”, for “Under Loss Consulting Engagements”, and represents “The Promise”.

PLC, will utilize our years of industry Experience, In-depth Knowledge and Expertise, as well as our vast “National Resources” to continue to consistently deliver our clients, “The Promise”.

Our expert’s utilize their vast years of industry experience in their respective “Specialized Fields”, to prepare highly detailed “Loss Assessments”, to not only document “Loss”, i.e. Scope of Damage, but also just as important, if not more important “Value”, i.e. Cost to Repair/Replace or Restore Damaged Property (To Pre Loss Condition). In addition to compiling these reports, our experts are also are instrumental, in the forward support and collaboration of “Claim Presentation”, supporting PLC through affective “Claim Negotiations”, under the respective terms and conditions of the policy, all in support of “MAXIMIZING RECOVERY”, on behalf of our clients, with respects to “Claims Filed”:

Under Your Insurance Policy it is your obligation to “Support, Document and Prove Your Own Loss”, as well as “Loss Valuation(s)”, whereas under engagement PLC will assist you with this requirement, through our unique National Resource.

You cannot expect that your insurance company will devote resources on your behalf, or in your best interest. Rather their resources, i.e. adjusters, claims experts, etc. are all aimed at reducing Loss Valuations and Claim Payments, as you can only imagine their incentive to reduce “Claim Payments”.

PLC under engagement, again is being engaged and advancing Fee Amounts, to do just that, expend Financial Resources through our respective Loss Experts whom will prepare detailed Loss Assessments and Reporting, for all facets of Covered Loss, in efforts to not only Support, but to Document and “Prove Your Loss”, as well as “Loss Values”.

This “Promise” is fulfilled by our firms ability to “Aid and Assist”, you, our client, in the “Preparation and Filing” of your claims. In addition to also “Advising and Consulting” you, our client, (Every Step of the Way). Finally, by also “Expertly Negotiating” your claim towards a viable and equitable “Claim Settlement”, i.e. “Maximizing an Expediting Claim Settlements”.

  • Any “Loss Type”, i.e. Fire, Water, Storm & Others, (Inclusive of “Major Catastrophic Events”, such as: Floods, Hail Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earth Quakes, etc.), PLC specialist in all “Types of Damage”.
  • Any “Building and/or Business Type”, i.e. Retail, Office, Medical, Hotel, Industrial, Multifamily (Residential), etc., PLC specialist in all Property
    Types, (Class A, B and C).
  • Any “Loss Volume”, either “One Off” Occurrences (Individually), rather than Catastrophic (CAT) based events, Regional CAT Events, usually isolated to City, County or State, and National CAT Events, usually Multi-State.

We should also reference, we could not consistently deliver on the above, on such a grand scale, offering “Loss Recovery Services” throughout the country, without the commitment, support, expertise and resources of our respective “Affiliates”, “Partners” and “Preferred Vendors”, representing our “National Loss Recovery Team”.

Our “National Loss Recovery Team” “offers varying “Deliverables”, towards supporting the overall model of a “Seamless Loss Recovery”, in addition to supporting our efforts to “Maximize and Expedite Recovery”:

Mitigation Services - Loss Assessment Services - Loss Consulting Services - Reconstruction Services

The above representing our “SEAMLESS LOSS RECOVERY MODEL”, providing you “Our Client”, the respective “Insuring Public” a viable “Loss Recovery Solution”, as part of their Risk Management Plan.

PLC’s positions our unique skill set, experience, tools and resources against the Insurance Companies, “Leveling the Playing Field, if not downright Tipping same in your Favor, ensuring a successful and consistent delivery, every time, as an “END RESULT”, and fulfilling “THE PROMISE”. As a result we have been in business for over 25 Years, and now represent one of the Largest Loss Recovery Firms, in the U.S., as well as the World through our respective “National Loss Recovery Team”.





PLC has been honing the “Art”, of Loss Recovery for over 25 Years, while continuing to build-out our strategic “Resources”, which enables our firm to consistently deliver our Client’s “Primary Objectives”, along with our respective deliverables, supporting your overall “Seamless Loss Recovery”.

We often advise our clients, that whatever business or industry they are in, we could not quickly in a matter of days, weeks or months, (or in some case years), expect to be anywhere at their level of understanding of their respective “Business Model”. Hence it is reasonable to believe they in turn cannot expect to be “Professional Loss Consultants” overnight, or for that matter in Days, Weeks, Months or Year in the same breath. While having to combat their Insurer, and their respective Claim Representatives and Loss Experts all resourced and positioned in their full interest, i.e. against you “As the Insured”, to minimize their “Claim Liability”.

Only a “Full Time”, “Loss Recovery Firm”, such as PLC, with our vast “INDUSTRY”….Knowledge, Experience and Resource can truly and consistently deliver on “THE PROMISE”.

PLC a firm whom works exclusively on your side protecting and aligning “YOUR INTEREST”. PLC who has been through it thousands of times before, and knows the…. How’s … Who’s,…. Why’s… When’s… and Where’s… of “LOSS CONSULTING”.
PLC, a firm knowing the Players, i.e. Insurance Companies and their respective “Claims People”, (Inclusive but not limited to: Claim Examiners, Adjusters, Loss Experts, Consultants, Engineers, etc.). The same players they use time and time again… each claim just representing a different game, hence PLC’s relationships with them have been bridged, on a professional level for over 25 Year.

Our reputation as a “No Nonsense Firm”, precedes us, on a multitude of levels, especially in “Large Loss Community”, i.e. Commercial Property Losses in Excess of $ 500,000 Dollars. As stated, time and time again we will work with the same “Claims People”, if not the same people, people whom also know the “Claims People” we know, as we say in our respective fields of business, “It’s a Small World, and Even Smaller at the Top”. As you can imagine, the “Industry Relations” PLC has previously forged, over the last 25 Years, now also serves you, our client, in our ability to affectively and consistently deliver “THE PROMISE”.

The “Adjustment Process” and the respective Claim Settlement(s) under same, for each facet of “Covered Loss”, are best described as a “Moving Target”.

The “Process” is cumbersome to say the least, every “Action” has a “Reaction”, on “What You Say or Do”, and sometime even more importantly “What You Don’t Say or Don’t Do”. Both can significantly impact your overall “Loss Recovery”, either “Positively” or “Negatively”.

There are way too many pitfalls in which for us to mention or illustrate, but again proper and timely “Action” is key. We must be able to “Identify” these pitfalls and address same properly when same are communicated, so as to position our/your “Best Response”, i.e. never letting our/your “Guard Down” throughout the “Term of the Adjustment”, from “Its Onset”, as well as through “Its Conclusion”, hence always positioning your/our “Best Foot Forward”.

Only a seasoned professional of the likes of PLC, can foresee and identify these “Pitfalls”, and can take the appropriate “Actions” that are necessary to prepare for same “In Advance”, so that we are “Always” well positioned to “Say and Do the Right Thing, to position Positives”. With that said, just as important, if not more important, we must also position what to “Say or Do to negate respective Negatives”, again always positioning your/our “Best Foot Forward”. This level of representation and communication starts from the onset of our engagement, through our “Initial”, communications with the Insurance Carrier and their Claims Adjuster and extends throughout the “Term of the Adjustment”, so as we can affectively and consistently deliver You, Our Client “The Promise”.



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