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PLC’s Team of coverage experts will review your current coverage with you to confirm that you have purchased viable insurance coverage protection to properly cover your associated risk related to your respective “Property Loss Exposures”, i.e. Building(s), Business Personal Property and Business Income loss.

Insurance is the only thing in America you can’t buy when you need it, after a loss….as it is then too late. Therefore you must make sure that you have the right coverage to protect yourself before a loss.

Graphs-and-charts-000021943507_FullThrough the years, we have seen time and time again, our clients “Insurance Recoveries” being compromised, due to varying Underwriting Errors and Underwriting Deficiencies, which could have easily be corrected or improved on, if “Identified” before the loss occurred, again after…. is too late. For a small forward investment, PLC will provide you an Overview of your “Property Insurance”, same could make the difference between a “Successful Recovery or No Recovery at all.

We should also reference that the better your Coverage the better Recovery PLC can deliver. PLC consider same to be a viable part of our “Seamless Loss Recovery Model”… a result we are taking stake in you our client by providing:

Our 10 Point “PRE-LOSS RISK OVERVIEW” could save you “MILLIONS” in lost insurance recovery proceeds:

  • Name Insured Accuracy
  • Description of Premises Accuracy
  • Coverage Property Accuracy
  • Coverage Limit Accuracy
  • Coverage Form Accuracy
  • Coinsurance Accuracy
  • Optional Coverage Accuracy
  • Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value Accuracy
  • Deductibles Accuracy
  • Forms & Applicable Endorsements Accuracy

The above supporting a General Overview of Coverage provided under your specific Insurance Policy, and identifying any Gaps in Coverage, allowing you the opportunity to make correction and improvements, to better position your recovery… before it is too late!!!