About Us


PLC is one of the largest Loss Recovery Firms in the World, providing “Loss Advocacy and
Protection” for the “Insuring Public”, providing same as a “Seamless Loss Recovery Program”.

PLC has been representing the “Insuring Public” for over 25 Years, and has participated in every Major U.S. Catastrophe since 1989, and now through a number of key Global Partnerships we are now well position to participate in every Major Global Catastrophe, positioning PLC as the “Global Leader in Loss Recovery”.

PLC’s Objectives, ensuring that “Our Clients” the “Insuring Public”:

  1. Secure their “Maximum Insurance Recovery”
  2. Expediting “Loss Recovery Process”

The Above Objectives achieved …All while Advising and Consulting You…“Every Step of the Way”!!!

PLC has positioned our “Loss Recovery Deliverables” through a vast network of “Loss Recovery Experts”, i.e. “Your Team”. As a result you now have a “Professional Loss Recovery Team” working with you, on your side, ensuring “Your Success”, which also enables PLC to consistently deliver on our “Objectives”!!!

As a result PLC has not only “Leveled the Playing Field”, but Tipped the Scales in your favor, when considering your Insurance Company and their respective “Resources” are all aimed at reducing their respective Liability, under their Policy, i.e. their claim payments to you.

PLC’s Team offer varying expertise in their respective fields of “Loss Recovery”, selected by PLC over our vast 25 Years, and now positioned through varying Alliances, Partnerships and Affiliations as our “Loss Recovery Team”.

In addition “Our Team” is strategically well positioned around the Globe to serve the immediate needs of “Our Clients”, under the following “Loss Recovery Deliverables”:

Our Loss Recovery Team has Over 100 Offices Nationwide, as well as access to over 3000 Professional & Technical Employees to support our efforts, along with varying Resources position around the Globe.

PLC and our Global Team of Loss Experts stand ready to assist You, Our Client, ensuring Your Maximum and Expedited Claim Recovery!!!

If you have suffered a Loss or have Questions on our Loss Recovery Program please contact us at (800) 738-6101 for a FREE CONSULTATION.