PLC Seamless Loss Recovery Model

Risk Review:

10 Point, pre-Loss insurance coverage policy review, in efforts to identify common underwriting errors and deficiencies, in efforts to correct same, or make improvements, before a loss occurs, supporting our clients “Maximum Recovery”.

Emergency Services:

National list of “First Responders”, via “PLC’s Preferred Contractor Network”, consisting of experienced “Specialty Contractors”, providing various “Services” aimed solely at the initial Protection and Securing of Property, immediately after a loss occurrence.

Mitigation Services:

National list of encompassing both “First, as well as Secondary Responders”, via “PLC’s Preferred Contractor Network”, consisting of experienced “Specialty Contractors & Professionals”, providing various “Services”, (the above post the initial “Emergency Services”). Mitigation includes but is not limited to Testing, Assessing and Documenting the “Post Loss Condition” (Building(s) and their Components, inclusive of Furniture Fixtures & Equipment, i.e. Contents)”. The above necessary to establish a viable Detailed Protocol, (Forward Documented Listed Actions to Mitigate or Protect the Building(s) and their Contents from further Damage), post loss occurrence.

Loss Assessment Services:

PLC’s Network of “Loss Consultants” (inclusive of both Technical and Professional Loss Consultants), whom possess in depth knowledge, and experience in their respective varying fields of study, i.e. Experts. Through our varying Network, of Industry Experts, geographically positioned though out the Country, to provide a National Resource, for our firm to tap, in efforts to Support and Document our clients varying types of “Loss Assessments”, i.e. Building, Business Personal Property and Business Income Loss. Detailing and Supporting, our respective Claim Filings, i.e. “Loss Valuations”, with respects to both Loss and Value.

Loss Consulting Services:

PLC through our National “Partners and Affiliates”, are able to support our clients, needs for “Loss Consulting Services”, with respects to their “Property Claim Adjustments”. Our “Loss Consultants”, are able to “Aid and Assist” our clients in the “Preparation” and “Filing” of their “Property Claim(s)”, for all facets of “Covered Loss”, i.e. Building, Business Personal Property and Business Income. In addition, our Loss Consultants will also Advise and Consult the client, “Every Step of the Way”, throughout the Adjustment and Process, all while Negotiating Claims and Claim Values, directly with the Insurance Company and their respective Experts, ensuring both their “Maximum”, as well as “Expedited” recovery”.

Reconstruction Services:

PLC focusing on our respective “Industry Leverage”, in efforts to improve on our clients ability to secure credible resources to complete “Reconstruction”, by establishing a “Preferred Vendor Network” of “Restoration Contractors”, whom are very capable companies, with viable track records.

NOTE: PLC has no DIRECT or INDIRECT “INTEREST” in any of the “Preferred Vendors”, nor receives any “COMPENSATION”, either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY from any of the “Preferred Vendors” related to “CONTRACTOR SERVICES”, more specifically: Emergency, Mitigation and Reconstruction “Services”.

We do however receive Compensation DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, under Contract for Risk Review, Loss Assessment and Loss Consulting “Services”, as provided under engagement.

We support the “CONTRACTOR SERVICES” solely as a “CLIENT RESOURCE”, i.e. via a “Preferred Vendor Network”, similar to the Insurance Industry at large. Same is solely to facilitate our clients respective needs for immediate, viable, credible, valued “SERVICES”, in a forward position in full support of their “Seamless Loss Recovery Model”.

The Client will engage each of the respective “Vendors” Directly or Indirectly on their own accord, and can alternatively choose within the “Preferred Vendor Network” or opt to engage alternate “Vendors Out of Network”. They of course are responsible Directly or Indirectly for any amounts due said “Vendor”, under their respective Agreements and/or Service Contracts, with said “Vendor”.

Hence PLC maintains their “Preferred Vendor Networks”, utilizing our Lever in the Industry to solely benefit the client and their ability to facilitate their client needs, with respect to their claim recovery.