Public Loss Consultants over our 25 years of service has work with a number of national and local vendors providing various “Mitigation Contracting Services”, assisting our clients with their immediate needs to Mitigate Their Damage and Protect Their Property from any Further Damage. As a result we are able to assist our clients in their ability to quickly facilitate their “Requirement” under their Insurance Policy, under the Duties of the Insured, which requires them to Protect their property from any Further Damage or Mitigate Damages:

3. Duties In The Event Of Loss Or Damage:

a. You must see that the following are done in the event of loss or damage to Covered Property:

(4) Take all reasonable steps to protect the Covered Property from further damage, and keep a record of your expenses necessary to protect the Covered Property, for consideration in the settlement of the claim. This will not increase the Limit of Insurance.

However, we will not pay for any subsequent loss or damage resulting from a cause of loss that is not a Covered Cause of Loss. Also, if feasible, set the damaged property aside and in the best possible order for examination.

NOTE: Any “Subsequent Damage”, as a result of the insured inability to “Protect Their Property from Further Damage” (Post Loss), would Not be Covered, i.e. Not a “Covered Cause of Loss”, therefore any Additional Damage and Costs to REPAIR/REPLACE same would be at the insureds expense.

The Loss Exposures referenced below, are not meant to be all inclusive, but reference the most frequent or common Loss Exposures requiring the need for Mitigation Services:

Fire, Smoke, Water and Mold mitigation can sometimes all fall within the same “Loss Event”, or separately as “Individual Events”. However they represents the four primary “Loss Exposures”, in which our clients must engage Mitigation Contractors to assist them in quickly mitigating their damages.

NOTE: A Fire Loss, will additionally produce Smoke, Water/Moisture Damage (Resulting from Extinguishing Materials), and possibly Mold Damage from same. Whereas, a Water/Moisture Loss, from a Plumbing System or Roof/Envelope Failure, could potentially create Water/Moisture Damage, and Mold, without the presence of Fire or Smoke.

24-7-imageThe services provided by each Mitigation Contractor vary, however they generally encompass the following Mitigation Services, enabling you to best protect your Property, both Building and Contents:

Building(s)/ Appurtenant Structures, Serving the Premises:

Removal & Discarding of Fire/Smoke/Water “Damaged” Building Components

BUILDING DEMOLITION NOTE: It is a FEDERAL REQUIREMENT, that the subject property DAMAGED, must first be tested for ASBESTOS, (in addition LEAD PAINT if built prior to 1978), before any demolition can ensue.


Drying & Dehumidification and Mold Preventative Treatments (Antimicrobial) to Building Components

Mold & Pollutants (Hazardous or Other) Identification, Isolation, Remediation and Abatement

Contents (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, including Stock both Finished/Unfinished:

  • Removal & Discarding of Fire/Smoke/Water Damaged Contents Items
  • Separation of Damaged Items from Undamaged Items (Protecting Undamaged Items)
  • Separation of Salvaged Items, from Total Loss Items (Protecting Salvaged Items from further Damage)
  • Salvage Item measures include, but not limited to: Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Drying, Dehumidification, Mold Preventative, Storage/Handling On/Off Site, Security, etc.
  • Mold & Pollutants (Hazardous or Other) Identification, Isolation, Remediation and Abatement